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would you please 是一种客气说法。不能省略掉you would you please do me a favour?


请你 请您 你可不可以 1. Would you please put it over there by the wall? 你能不能把它放在那里,靠着墙呢? 2. Gold:Would you please tell me what I should do to have funds transferred to mehere from London ? 戈尔德:请您告诉我,我应...

put up would you please【 do 】sth你愿做什么事吗? put up 张贴,挂起 句子意思 ——杰西,你愿意贴一下这张通知吗? ——我很乐意。

1. would like sth. “想要某物”。如: Would you like a cup of tea? Yes, please. / No, thanks. 2. would like to do sth. “想要做某事”。如: Would you like to go shopping with me? Yes, I’d like to. / I’d like to, but I have to do

D how 后面必须有it 另外是陈述语序,所以不选B

N多,表委婉的就行。像That's all right./Of course not.都行


注意用法搭配和使用语境的区别: Would you please【 do 】sth.? 请你做某事好吗? =Please do sth,will you? 正常情况下,主要用于口语和非正式文体,用来很客气的请求别人帮助.一般所求之事比较容易. Would you mind 【doing】 sth?.你介意吗? =C...

D how 是副词,不能作DO 的宾语,排除A , C ; 宾语从句是陈述句语序,再排除B

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