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请你 请您 你可不可以 1. Would you please put it over there by the wall? 你能不能把它放在那里,靠着墙呢? 2. Gold:Would you please tell me what I should do to have funds transferred to mehere from London ? 戈尔德:请您告诉我,我应...

B 词义辨析题。A. look around 环视 B. look through 浏览 C. look up查阅D. look into 调查 “帮我浏览一下论文看看有没有明显的错误”“好的”根据语境选B

1、would you please 用于请求别人帮助,表示“你愿意 ... 吗” 比如:--Would you please open the window? 请你打开窗好吗?--Would you please nurse the baby for me?你能帮我照顾小孩吗? 2、英语是最多国家使用的官方语言,英语也是世界上最...

注意用法搭配和使用语境的区别: Would you please【 do 】sth.? 请你做某事好吗? =Please do sth,will you? 正常情况下,主要用于口语和非正式文体,用来很客气的请求别人帮助.一般所求之事比较容易. Would you mind 【doing】 sth?.你介意吗? =C...


could you please一般是要麻烦对方的,而would you please应该是带有些询问性质的,语气更加委婉。没有本质差别

Could you please 是can you please 更为礼貌、委婉的说法,并不是过去式,是“能否麻烦你……”、“请你……”的意思,更侧重“能否”及客观情况;回答时要注意,eg:A:“Could you please open the window?”肯定回答 B:“Of course”;否定回答:B:“Sorry, ...

would you please come home 今夜你会不会来英文版 演唱:黎明 standing in the misty and lonely went to evening watching on this confluence falling in the night i wonder why you have not called to tell me good night you know i feel ...

would。。。 please的句型是疑问句的形式,祈使句的含义,本句应该用问号,更礼貌。

Yes, of course 是的 当然 Sorry, I am afraid I can't 不好意思,我想这样不行

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