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japanese teacher2:日语教师2


is is is are are

1. is 2. ninth 3. year 4. to go 5. my 6. sad 7. really 8. December 9. successful 10. keys

1-2 CC

What do you wan to be? What do you want to do?

In fact 事实上 care about 固定搭配, 关心某人 different from 不同于 bring to 带给 reach out 伸出

这你还是自己写 吧 有助于你写作

class AccpTeacher2{ private String name; private int age;/*public String getName(){ return name;}*/public void setName(String name){ this.name=...

Teacher2的构造方法声明错误, 构造方法不能有返回值声明。

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