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The tourist season is because the Chinese people lack the holidays, and will not take the initiative to request vacation during working hours.This makes that in the specific holidays there will be a lot of people began to trave...

off-peak electricity/travel直译过来为”尖峰电力、非高峰出行“. 例句: 1、Quantitively analyses the effect of the ratio of peak to off-peak electricity rates on the operating cost. 定量分析了谷峰电价比对系统运行电费的影响。 2、The...


小题1:B小题2:D小题3:C 试题分析:文章主要介绍了一些欧洲非常著名的地方,在这些地方淡季时候是一个非常好的休闲的地方。小题1:细节题。从文章第二段的句子:With rich culture and history, Portugal continues to be one of the most afford...

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