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By hAnD和By thE hAnD有什麽区别?

这是Hand的短语搭配,多学习下吧! hand的短语与搭配 1. at hand (1) 在手边,在近处。如: He lives close at hand. 他就住在附近。 I always keep a dictionary (ready) at hand. 我经常把字典放在手边。 (2) 即将到来。如: The examinations...

by the hand 通过这双手 by his hand 通过他的手 his 跟 the 的分别

是 by hand The sweather is made by hand. 这件毛衣是手工制作的。

by 和 hand 中间只能加定冠词,如果用her 应该是这样的:by hand of her

hand in hand 是手拉手hand by hang是携手并肩

“表示动作涉及到身体部位”,英语的习惯是在身体部位前加定冠词 the。例如: take sb. by the hand 拉住某人的手 seize sb. by the arm 抓住某人的胳膊 hit sb. in the nose 打破某人的鼻子。

by hand: 用手...; 手工 You can pump up the tyres by hand 这可以用手给车胎打气。 He moved the huge stone by hand. 他用手移动了那块大石头 This handbag is made by hand. 这个手提包纯手工制作。 We arranged lead letters by hand befo...

take sb by the hand 拉住某人的手; 挽着某人的胳膊;抓住某人的手 例句 1.to take sb's hand, take sb by the hand/arm 拉某人的手,牵某人的手/挽某人的胳膊 2.He clasped his old friend by the hand. 他紧紧地握住老朋友的手。 3.He shook m...

by hand - 用手写 / 亲手交送 (信笺) by the hand是特指那只"手"

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